Group may refer to:

Groups of people

  • Social group
  • Ethnic group
  • Organization, an entity that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment
  • In science and technology

    In mathematics

  • Group (mathematics), a set together with a binary operation satisfying certain algebraic conditions
  • In chemistry

  • Functional group, a group of atoms which provide some property to a molecule
  • Group (periodic table), a column in the periodic table of chemical elements
  • In computing and the internet

  • Group (computing), a collection of users or other objects
  • Usenet newsgroup
  • Google Groups
  • Yahoo! Groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Other uses in science and technology

  • Group (stratigraphy), in geology, consisting of formations or rock strata
  • Cultivar group, in biology, a classification category in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants
  • Galaxy groups and clusters, in cosmology
  • Group (firearms), the grouping of shots from a firearm
  • Other uses

  • Breed Groups (dog), the group or category to which breeds of dogs are assigned by kennel clubs
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    A landlord’s ambitious plan to boost homeownership in Maine’s poorest neighborhood

    Bangor Daily News 28 May 2024
    She’s running a group with an ambitious mission ... That’s why Smith started her nonprofit group, Healthy Homeworks ... The group avoids federal funding that often comes with restrictive affordability covenants that limit the amount a homeowner can profit off their unit by the time they sell it ... So far, the group has raised $230,000, Smith said....

    Opinion: The issue of human rights is on life support. Here’s how to save it

    The Los Angeles Times 26 May 2024
    I once heard Jimmy Carter say that in a war there are no human rights ... 7 ... Groups such as Doctors without Borders, the World Kitchen, the Red Cross/Red Crescent and Amnesty International, where I once worked. (Do your homework; not every group has staying power.) Find a part of the world you want to help and don’t forget that it might be next door....

    KKR defeat SRH Emotional Rollercoaster: Arora lights up the Knights sky, Rana tricks Reddy and ...

    Indian Express 26 May 2024
    Starc gets real for Sharma. Just before the toss as Mitchell Starc was marking his run-up, Abhishek Sharma stood at the opposite end and was shadow batting a lofted shot ... Xxx. 📽️ 𝗥𝗔𝗪 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡𝗦 ... . ... Xxx ... And their success owed as much to the talent and big-game temperament of the group as to the preparation and homework done by KKR’s think tank ... .......

    Alexa, can you help me with my child’s homework?

    Metro UK 24 May 2024
    Did you search for the answer on Google, skip doing the homework altogether and tell your teacher dog ate it, or watch as your parents asked Alexa for the answer?. As bizarre as it may sound, the latter scenario is happening at an alarming rate, as parents and grandparents struggle to help kids complete their homework – particularly mathematics....

    Ryan Moore rides Navan winner Camille Pissarro and six other horses at Curragh, including first-time...

    The Daily Mail 24 May 2024
    But the Kingman colt The Parthenon deserves his place in the line-up in this Group 3 on his debut on his homework ... There will need to be, as she is up against Group 1 winners in here and she has a lot to find on the book....

    Long life, long love and long service, for this we say Bravo!

    Orange County Register 24 May 2024
    OC resident turns 104 ... She’s the oldest resident living there, says her family, pointing out that she’s still very social and “as sharp as an Irish tack.” ... of ... It will provide a Fullerton School District elementary school student and family a safe place to sleep and do homework ... The Bravo! section highlights achievements of our residents and groups ... ....

    Britain’s snap election will do nothing to stop the nation’s managed decline

    Life Site 24 May 2024
    (LifeSiteNews) — The unelected Prime Minister of the U.K ... Sometimes ... Why call an election now? ... In this video, prominent “conservative” Jacob Rees-Mogg responds with shock to the news that the British secret state conspires against him with far-left grievance group Hope Not Hate. Conservatives never do their homework, which is why they fail every test....

    Warriors Athlete of Week: Clough clears Warrior school record

    Brainerd Dispatch 22 May 2024
    BRAINERD -- Cora Clough’s ultimate goal is to jump over herself ... “I didn’t expect it to happen ... Clough was tied for the record with Margret Bogwarth, Ramona Rugloski, Nikki Schwendeman and Shannon Nelson at 5-4 before breaking free from the group. Before the Sauk Rapids meet, Clough was stuck around 5-2, but a little homework was the boost she needed....

    I have fond memories of high school in America. I'm worried my daughter won't feel ...

    Business Insider 17 May 2024
    They had to work on group presentations, research papers, and community projects on top of homework and hours of mandatory co-curricular activities like Taekwondo, modern dance, or robotics club ... during which she should be resting — when she wasn't overloaded with homework....

    China’s Efforts To Get Kids More Active Appear To Be Working

    IFL Science 13 May 2024
    The regulations restrict the access that online gaming businesses can have to the youth market; they limit the amount of homework teachers should assign to children according to age group; and they put constraints on when private tutoring companies can offer lessons. ....

    The psychological benefits of finishing your homework on time

    CyprusMail 11 May 2024
    Homework has long been a staple of the educational experience, often viewed as a tool for reinforcing learning and assessing student understanding ... These challenges can make homework seem like a daunting task. However, the benefits of completing homework on time extend beyond academic achievement....

    Hotspots for homework

    Creston News Advertiser 10 May 2024
    “They see libraries as kind of a gray area and if we had a friends group, they could apply for it and then hands those off to us.”. With much of homework for students being found online, the Foote said it is important to be able to provide internet access to the community ... “We wouldn’t discriminate against who’s checking these out,” Foote said ... .......