Group may refer to:

Groups of people

  • Social group
  • Ethnic group
  • Organization, an entity that has a collective goal and is linked to an external environment
  • In science and technology

    In mathematics

  • Group (mathematics), a set together with a binary operation satisfying certain algebraic conditions
  • In chemistry

  • Functional group, a group of atoms which provide some property to a molecule
  • Group (periodic table), a column in the periodic table of chemical elements
  • In computing and the internet

  • Group (computing), a collection of users or other objects
  • Usenet newsgroup
  • Google Groups
  • Yahoo! Groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Other uses in science and technology

  • Group (stratigraphy), in geology, consisting of formations or rock strata
  • Cultivar group, in biology, a classification category in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants
  • Galaxy groups and clusters, in cosmology
  • Group (firearms), the grouping of shots from a firearm
  • Other uses

  • Breed Groups (dog), the group or category to which breeds of dogs are assigned by kennel clubs
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    Teacher well-being

    Dawn 10 Apr 2024
    Whether it’s enjoying physical fitness time, pursuing a new hobby, or simply planning homework assig­n­­ments, getting together in social groups can do wonders. These groups can be sprin­gboards for well-being plans, skill-building activities, or community initiatives....

    Sharon Kourous: April is National Poetry Month

    The Monroe News 07 Apr 2024
    We live in a time when words are used and misused in great numbers. The trash vortex of emails, tweets, and ads arriving in one’s inbox multiplies exponentially ... Consider this your mindfulness homework. — Sharon Kourous is a member of Stronger Together Huddle, a group engaged in supporting and promoting the common good of all....

    Sitting in the mayor’s chair, touring the detention center — Sheboygan County students learn about leadership in new Chamber program

    Sheboygan Press 03 Apr 2024
    It's all fun." ... In addition to full day monthly sessions, students will complete a group project, job shadowing, volunteering and additional homework. Participation is free for students, supported by a $1,200 scholarship from the Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce that covers associated fees, materials, meals and group transportation ... ...

    A Grants Pass case before the Supreme Court will decide if punishing homeless residents is ...

    Street Roots News 03 Apr 2024
    Alongside a small group ... Gutowski said it proves unfeasible to take steps out of homelessness in Grants Pass, as debts from citations become insurmountable, or police and vigilante groups provoke and harass people for various reasons — in her case, for doing her homework, she said....

    How to Thrive in College: Strategies for Success | Fashion Capital

    Fashion Capital 02 Apr 2024
    Engage actively with your material; this includes participating in class discussions, forming study groups, and teaching concepts to others ... Navigating Assignments and Homework ... Constructive criticism is invaluable for improvement and learning from mistakes, thereby enhancing your homework quality....

    Nostalgia for Nowhere

    The Atlantic 02 Apr 2024
    If you listen to the experts, much of the place I’m from is not a place at all ... [ From the September 1996 issue ... The point is. A lot of life happens in these places ... and trying to do homework on the side of the stage between scenes, like the intense friendships of a ragtag group of teens figuring out who they are by pretending to be other people ... ....

    When HARRY WALLOP challenged his family to give up their mobiles for a week, he ...

    The Daily Mail 28 Mar 2024
    It was left to me to ensure Arthur didn't miss out on a school social event because I wasn't on the parents' WhatsApp groupHarry was oblivious to the chaos caused by his phone competition ... I found it OK ditching the videos but I really, really missed chatting to my friends in the evening when I was doing my homework....

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